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Online Scheduling

Reduce scheduling hassles so you can focus on therapy, not calendars. Empathic’s EHR makes it simple to manage your schedule all in one place. Clients can schedule appointments through a custom scheduling link, and Empathic sends automated appointment reminders on your behalf. Our therapy scheduling software is simple to use and ideal for improving efficiency and practice growth.  When appointment scheduling is hassle-free, both you and your clients will get more out of your time together.   

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Client-friendly scheduling.

Clients can schedule and cancel appointments in seconds. Control when clients can schedule you for in-person versus telehealth sessions for optimum time management. Empathic’s appointment software makes scheduling sessions easy for your clients and makes managing your caseload more efficient.

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Ready to get back to therapy?

Empathic’s scheduling software is designed for therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, and other behavioral health professionals. We make scheduling intuitive and simple for clients. As a provider, Empathic’s online scheduling tool makes it easier to manage your calendar and ultimately spend more time with your clients. Plus, it is backed by our best-in-class EHR customer service.


Connect with us and learn how your mental health practice can benefit from online scheduling.

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