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Securely access aggregated medication history and prescribe directly from the Empathic platform. Empathic’s psychiatry practice management software integrates DrFirst, an industry-leading e-prescribing platform. We make it easier to stay compliant and access your patient’s benefits, medication history, and more information critical to quality healthcare. Every step of your prescription process is electronically integrated within the Empathic system.

Made possible by DrFirst.

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DrFirst integration.

DrFirst is a leader in the medication management space. Our DrFirst integration allows providers to prescribe without leaving Empathic. You can quickly prescribe medications, electronically complete refills, and engage in real-time care collaboration.

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Ready to get back to therapy?

Looking for the best EHR for psychiatry private practice? Empathic offers comprehensive private mental health practice software that includes innovative E-prescribing for psychiatrists. Simplify your practice and stay EPCS-compliant with integrated E-prescribing through Empathic. 


Connect with us and learn how your practice can benefit from integrated E-prescribing.

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