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Empathic Billing Specialists

We know insurance billing can be complicated, especially for mental health professionals.

As part of our mission to help you Get Back to Therapy, Empathic offers in-house billing.

Empathic's Billing Specialists are a premium add-on service.

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Financial Center monitoring.

Your Billing Specialist is trained in the Empathic system and ensures your Financial Center is current and accurate. This includes:

  • Monitoring your account for returned, rejected, or unprocessed claims

  • Posting remittances for EOBs when they are received 

  • Tracking credit card payments made via the Client Portal

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Complete claim management.

As the primary point of contact with insurance companies, your Billing Specialist handles all claim management issues. This includes:

  • Managing corrections for amounts adjusted by payers

  • Processing secondary claims

  • Voiding and correcting problem claims


Client statement delivery.

Your Billing Specialist can deliver client statements on your behalf. This includes:

  • Mailing client statements quarterly

  • Sending monthly e-statements to clients who have opted in

  • Sending up to three statements after client is no longer seen

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A vital member of your team.

Your Billing Specialist will develop a relationship with you that prioritizes transparency and collaboration. This includes:

  • Communicating when an issue requires clinic attention

  • Following up on outstanding issues awaiting provider action

  • Providing quarterly financial reports

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Ready to get back to therapy?

Connect with us and learn how your practice can benefit from a dedicated Billing Specialist.

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