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Don't let billing keep you from doing what you love.

Curious about Empathic Billing?
Watch this short video from our team.

Let’s Connect!

Sign up for a Billing Services Consultation to meet with a Billing Specialist. On this call, our goal is to get to know you and your practice better, and for you to learn more about our team and services.


Simply choose a time that works for you and enter some basic details. We’ll be in touch within 1 business day to confirm your consultation.

Worry-free mental health billing is possible with Empathic.

A woman in a customer service role smiles as she writes something down on her notepad. Her laptop is sitting next to her.

A personal Billing Specialist.

Your dedicated biller monitors your claims in real time and provides you with regular, custom financial reports. Think of your Billing Specialist as an extension of your staff.

An African-American therapist sees a couple for a session in his office. He is smiling and taking notes.

No more insurance calls.

Your Billing Specialist communicates directly with insurance companies to resolve problem claims, saving you precious time that you can now spend seeing more clients.

A woman sits at her desk with her laptop open next to her. She is looking at a stack of paperwork intently.

Get paid faster.

Our billers are specifically trained in Empathic's flagship mental health billing platform. More efficient billing means fewer mistakes and faster payouts for your practice.

Provider Testimonials

"Empathic allows me to focus on my clinical work with clients and be compensated in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Empathic to any provider committed to client care."


"[My Billing Specialist] has increased my income due to their persistence and incredible billing knowledge. They are always willing to help answer questions or find an answer."
“[My Billing Specialist] solves issues with a sense of urgency and professional commitment, qualities that are difficult to find within our current healthcare system."
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