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Don't let billing keep you from doing what you love.

At Empathic, our goal is simple: Help you Get Back to Therapy.

We believe in playing to our strengths. That's why you got into mental health, and that's why we've worked hard to become one of the most efficient behavioral health billing platforms in the industry. 


Empathic allows providers to do more of what they love by removing the burden of mental health billing, because everyone has the right to follow their passion.

Worry-free mental health billing is possible with Empathic.

A personal Billing Specialist.

We provide your practice with a dedicated biller to handle your claims and provide you with regular, custom financial reports. Think of your Billing Specialist as an extension of your staff.

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Real-time claim monitoring.

Your Billing Specialist catches rejected or returned claims and fixes them in real-time, so your practice doesn't miss a beat.

Sitting on hold with insurance? Not anymore.

Your Billing Specialist communicates directly with insurance companies to resolve problem claims, saving you precious time that you can now spend seeing more clients.

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Getting paid faster.

Our billers are specifically trained in Empathic's flagship mental health billing platform. Our software allows billers to be more efficient, which means faster payouts for your practice.

Client statements and invoicing, sent for you.

You can opt to have your Billing Specialist send out electronic and/or paper statements to current and past clients.

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Ready to Get Back to Therapy? Meet your Billing Specialist today.

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