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Social Services

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For Licensed Clinical Social Workers and related licenses, our Social Services format is designed to meet your state's specific requirements.


Some of the most relevant features in the Social Services suite are:

DHS-based assessments. Our engineers built intake and assessment forms to meet the exact specifications of your state's Department of Human Services (DHS). 


Automatic Interpretive Summary creation. A clinical Interpretive Summary is automatically produced based on what has been documented in the assessment.

Dynamic treatment plans. Empathic reads your client's Functional Assessment and feeds goals and objectives directly into their treatment plan. In turn, key information from the treatment plan feeds into your case notes.

Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) integration. This dynamic assessment and placement instrument prioritizes your patient's current needs to help you make key ongoing decisions. LOCUS was developed by the American Association for Community Psychologists (AACP) and is used by practitioners across the country.

Invite relevant parties to the Client Portal. Empathic allows you to invite legal guardians and case managers to the Client Portal, ensuring all parties are receiving the appropriate information.

Client PHI library. Third-party assessments, client-uploaded documents, and other forms feed into your document library. You can easily access these files in your dashboard.

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