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Psychiatric Services

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For Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and related licenses, our Psychiatric Services format allows you to perform several major tasks within one platform.


Some of the most relevant features in the Psychiatric Services suite are:

Up-to-date diagnostic library. Empathic operates with the most current diagnosis library. Search for ICD-11 and DSM-5 codes directly from your note.


DrFirst E-Prescribing. We are proud to partner with DrFirst, a leader in the medication management space. Full EPCS and PMDP compliance allows you to prescribe controlled substances from within Empathic.


Mental status exam. Designed by a psychiatrist, Empathic's mental status exam allows you to assess various neurological and perceptual functions. The system uses the results to automatically create appropriate treatment plans.


Efficient dashboard view. Providers can review labs, vital signs, medication, and allergies using one easy view.

Seamless transition to your next client. When you click “Next Patient” at the bottom of a note, Empathic references its calendar, identifies the next patient in your schedule, and pulls in the appropriate note.

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