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Professional Services

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For psychotherapists across disciplines, our Professional Services version is a simple, strength-based system that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Some of the most relevant features in this suite are:

DAP-based clinical notes. Data, Assessment, Plan (DAP) is the standard note-taking format used by counselors, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals in therapy. You can gather client history via the Diagnostic Assessment, create a plan for addressing the reason for referral, and track progress made on your goals and objectives.


An optional sub-note for adolescent clients. This tailored clinical note goes beyond the typical format to include information specific to clients under the age of 18. 

Documented treatment plan progress tracking. Empathic tracks your progress on stated goals and objectives for outcome-based treatments. 

Client-centered care. View notes and treatment plans from other professionals working with the same client to ensure optimal care.

Client Portal synergy. You can choose to import responses from the client history section of our Client Portal into the appropriate sections of their Diagnostic Assessment.

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