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Smart technology, simple workflow, powerful results.

Tailored Electronic Health Records

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Interactive Patient Portal

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Medication Management and E-prescribing

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Easy Claim Submissions and Invoicing

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Centralized Scheduling


Comprehensive Practice Management

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“Empathic allows me to do what I do more effectively, and I can see the outcome and the results.”
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
“This program is going to revolutionize our profession! There are many programs that do a few things. This program does it all! That is what makes it so powerful.”
Supervisor & Clinic Director
“The dreaded nightmare of insurance billing and reimbursement is solved by Empathic.”
Assistant Professor, Clinical Counselor
“I do my notes, then click to send my claims, and am paid within one to two weeks. I have about 60 billable hours of work per month. Empathic is saving me around 35 – 40 hours of work per month.”
Private Practice Supervisor
“Innovative, intuitive, and comprehensive to the needs of an NP owned psychiatry practice. Excellent training and ongoing support. Empathic is a refined and progressive system.”
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Fully Integrated Compliance.

Compliance requirements are woven throughout the Empathic suite, like threads in a tapestry.

The Most Powerful Clinical Software…is also the Easiest to Use.

Because behavioral health professionals designed it, Empathic software makes it easy for you continue to focus on your clients the way you always have, while simultaneously streamlining the administrative work—it thinks ahead so you don’t have to.

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See why Empathic is the preferred solution for providers and clinics.

Interested? We’d love to show you how it works, and why it has earned a reputation for being the best in its class of Behavioral Health Software.

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